My Internship Experience at cmlabs INDONESIA DIGITAL Company

It’s been 3 months I took my internship program at cmlabs INDONESIA DIGITAL Company. This was so amazing, as I know cmlabs is a company specializing in SEO services, digital marketing, and tools to support SEO activities. SEO may not be a word that sounds new to me, but I just found out that SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, where SEO is one of the applications of digital marketing techniques to optimize web pages to enter page rank 1 on Google. very interesting right ?!

so here we go, I will tell you how I got an internship at this company. So at first I saw a poster in whatsapp group that this company was opening an intership program with various divisions. well, I and My Team are very interested in the mobile programming division and we just found out that it used flutter.

First, we have to pass file test after that we face the pre-assessment and the last one is the interview.

During the second stage, namely, pre-assessment, here we are asked questions including Flutter and its code. Then during the third stage, which was the interview, we were each asked questions about programming and asked to live coding.

After it was announced we passed, finally on January 25, 2021 we were already in this company.

At first we were asked to learn flutter because we had never used this framework before. While we were studying, the UI UX team from the same university (PENS Surabaya) fixed the UI in Figma before I and My Team as Mobile Programmer Intern implement.

Oh yea, cmlabs working hours are from 8 am until 16 pm and for the weekdays are from Monday until Friday.

In this company we are given breakfast and also lunch, 12 pm-1pm is the rest hour for all employees. Hmm .. it’s good to save pocket money hehe

Having Breakfast
Having Lunch

Every two weeks the company holds a sharing session on a different topic. The image below shew how the sharing session is looked like.

Sharing Session

I was comfortable during my internship program at cmlabs and of course I got a lot of knowledge here and I didn’t miss its cozy place.

Thankyou cmlabs;)

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